Smart Vent Installation – Hollywood, FL

Smart Vent Installation

Smart Jack Installation

This is a crawlspace that had some damages to the joist, which was effecting the foundation structure of the home. We were able to repair damaged wood and installed Smart Jacks to stabalize foundation

Repair of Floor System – Miami Beach, FL

NSquare, Inc. Stabilized the center wood support beam, including the removal of the make shift supports and the installation of 4 SmartJacks along the length of the beam.

Crawl Space Smart Jacks – Miami, FL

NSquare, Inc. Installed two new beams to be constructed of triple 2X8 pressure treated lumbar and supported by 12 Smart Jacks. This crawl space smart jacks will prevent this Miami Florida structure's crawl space from continuing to sag.

CleanSpace Installation

With the help of CleanSpace, we were able to encapsulate this residential home, as well as install a vapor barrier. Now the crawlspace can be used as storage and no longer has moisture problems.

CleanSpace Encapsulation System – Coral Gables, FL

NSquare, Inc. Installed Clean Space Liner across the floor and up the exterior foundation walls of crawl space. Clean Space Liner is a 20 mil, seven ply-barrier. It consist of three layers oh high strength polyethylene film laminated together with two layers of molten polyethylene, with two layers of polyester cord reinforcement sandwiched in between. It has been protected with UV stabilizers and UltraFresh antimicrobial finish to prevent mold growth in a Coral Gables Florida Home.

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