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Sinkhole repair and foundation repair contractor serving Naples, FL and the rest of South Florida

If you need foundation repair assistance, sinkhole repair, crawl space lining and encapsulation or lifting and leveling of any of your structure's concrete areas, NSquare, Inc. is here for you! We can fix the cracks in your ceiling, walls, or floor, and provide lasting stability for your home, business, or other commercial property with our foundation settlement repairs. Our high-quality foundation repair products include:

  • Foundation push pier systems
  • Helical piles
  • Foundation anchors and tiebacks
  • And more!

Sinkholes are a common problem for Florida homeowners, and it's important to call in a professional sinkhole repair company as soon as possible if you think that your home may be threatened. Some typical signs of sinkhole damage include depressions and holes in your yard, water stains on your ceilings and walls, driveway cracks, wall cracks, uneven floors, and even popping and creaking sounds at night. Sinkholes usually develop at a gradual pace, so it's possible to prevent any damage before the problem has a chance to grow worse. NSquare, Inc. will provide a home inspection to locate the source of any problems and take care of all of your foundation repair and sinkhole repair needs in Naples!

PolyLevel concrete leveling and lifting will restore your sunken concrete

Is sunken concrete causing uneven surfaces and tripping hazards on your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, pool deck, or patio? Whether you're preparing your home for sale or are concerned about the liability of injury on your property, our concrete lifting and leveling services will restore your sunken concrete and bring back your home's curb appeal and value. Concrete repair can actually be both simple and affordable, so there's no reason to wait!

NSquare, Inc. uses PolyLevel concrete leveling to lift your sunken concrete slabs back to an even position with minimum disruption to your property. Traditional concrete lifting and leveling methods such as mudjacking involve a mortar-based mixture that is pumped underneath a settling concrete slab where it then hardens into a solid filling. PolyLevel, on the other hand, consists of a much quicker, more efficient, and less invasive technique that will still provide permanent stability for your concrete. By injecting a lightweight yet durable polyurethane foam that expands and raises the concrete, we can easily lift and level out your concrete surfaces with permanent results!

Crawl space repair and vapor barrier installation in Naples, FL

Along with our foundation repair and concrete leveling services, NSquare, Inc. also offers crawl space structural repair and complete crawl space lining and encapsulation as an authorized CleanSpace dealer in Florida. If you've been noticing musty odors in your home, heightened allergy symptoms, condensation and high humidity levels, or sagging floors above your crawl space, we can locate the source of the damage and provide everything from mold removal and wood rot repair to vapor barrier installation, and more. Our crawl space repair services include:

  • Crawl space encapsulation system
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Energy-efficient dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space support jacks
  • And more!

NSquare, Inc. is your best choice for residential and commercial foundation repair, sinkhole repair, concrete lifting and leveling, crawl space repair, crawl space lining and encapsulation, and more. We proudly serve Naples, FL, and surrounding cities and towns, so contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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