When buying a new home, it's important to spend time inspecting each inch of the property. Be sure to take a closer look at one hidden, yet vital area of the home: the foundation. If you don't you could be calling NSquare to fix the foundation of your new home. Here's a few signs that your dream home might be a nightmare waiting to happen.

  1. Typically, foundation issues can be seen in areas higher in the home. Door and windows are easy targets for a moving or cracked foundation as they stick or drag while moving. When you close the door to the home, it should be square in the door jam; otherwise the foundation has shifted since installation. Interior doors will show you the same.
  2. Carefully review every inch of the home’s drywall, especially at the corners of walls, windows and doors. If you notice repair of cracks around these corners, this may be a sign of a foundation issue. Cracks don’t always mean there’s a foundation issue, however they do signify a problem.
  3. South Florida is known for its rain. Where is all that water going? If it’s draining into the homes foundation, that’s a recipe for disaster. This water could cause the soil around your home to expand and crack your foundation. Water damage in a home’s foundation can be a costly repair so look for these drainage problems from the get-go.
  4. Floors are essential to a home and its foundation. Cracks, bulges, bowing and slopes are not good. Often, these things mean the foundation has been settling. If these are noticeable, the home may have a serious foundation issue already.
  5. When walking around the exterior of the home, carefully check all siding and bricks. If there are cracks or the bricks don’t lineup, a foundation problem is safe to assume. If the home is concrete and it’s chipping and/or flaking, the same can be same. Poke cracks or spots of suspicion with a screw driver to test them. This method should not damage the home, only expose weak spots.

Buying a home, only to discover it has costly foundation issues, can be stressful. If you notice any possible problem with the home, make the homeowner aware and call NSquare Inc for a free inspection of the home today. The key to buying your next home is understanding exactly what you’re up against before signing that dotted line.

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