A ranch style home in Bradenton, FL was built in 1981 with a vented, dirt floor crawlspace. When the homeowners moved into the property, they noticed a damp odor on the main floor, but never thought to have it inspected. It wasn’t until a few years later that they began to notice buckling of their wood floors due to swelling caused by high humidity and moisture in their crawlspace. In addition to moisture evaporating from the exposed earth in the crawlspace, it was determined that the crawlspace vents were a major contributor to the problem. During the inspection it was determined that the humidity level inside the crawlspace was 42% higher than the humidity level outside, causing condensation to form within the crawlspace.


NSquare, Inc dba Innovative Marine Construction Company, installed 1,260 square feet of the CleanSpace™ Encapsulation System, two Smart Drains™ and four vent covers to remediate the crawlspace moisture problem. The CleanSpace system was able to immediately lower the humidity level in the crawlspace by completely sealing it from the outside environment. Additionally, the CleanSpace system created a new space that was previously unusable, allowing the homeowners to use the space for additional storage. The entire project was completed within two days and the homeowners were able to notice an immediate upgrade to the comfort of their home.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: NSquare, Inc dba Innovative Marine Construction Company, Naples, Florida

Products Installed: CleanSpace Encapsulation System, (2) Smart Drains and (4) Vent Covers