PolyLevel® as a Mud Jacking Alternative in South Florida

Environmentally Friendly, Long-Lasting Concrete Repair Solution

As patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks and concrete steps sink, they can crack and create uneven surfaces. Sinking concrete is unsightly and it can create dangerous tripping hazards.

Sometimes, this problem is repaired by a process called mud jacking. Mud jacking involves pumping a mortar-based mixture of "mud" or "slurry" underneath a settling slab. This injected material is a mixture of water, soil, sand and Portland cement that cures to become a solid, stable fill.

As the mixture is pumped underneath the concrete slab, it fills all empty spaces and creates pressure on the slab that lifts the surface upwards. Once injected, the slurry will then harden into a solid fill that's more stable than the soil, yet lighter than concrete.

Why PolyLevel® over Mud jacking?

  • Long-Lasting and Impermeable
  • Permanently Stabilized Soil Beneath
  • Non-Invasive and Easy to Install
  • Fast Acting - Cures Within Minutes
  • Environmentally Friendly
Sidewalk Lifting Before
Sidewalk Lifting After
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Disadvantages of Mud Jacking

Though mud jacking is often considered a traditional form of concrete lifting and leveling, the technique shows many signs of deterioration over time and is a temporary solution at best.

Even with the voids filled, the soil below is likely to continue settling over time. Ultimately, you'd have to call your contractor to your home over and over again to repeat the mud jacking process -- or call someone who can use a different solution that can fix it once and for all!

Mud jacking is also not appropriate as a "do-it-yourself" repair. Mud jacking requires special equipment and professional experience. All work should be done by a trained, professional mud jacking contractor who has excellent knowledge of local soil conditions.

PolyLevel® is the fast, efficient and permanent repair solution for any sunken concrete problem around your home.

PolyLevel Driveway Before
PolyLevel Driveway After

Permanent Solutions with PolyLevel®

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