PolyLevel® Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Southern Florida

As children, and maybe even adults, we’ve all fallen victim to cracked and uneven sidewalks—quite literally. At the time, unless the fall resulted in a broken arm and substantial hospital bills, the trip might have been no more than an embarrassment or annoyance. However, for the ones responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, it could have prompted costly litigation. Each year, countless lawsuits are filed for trip and fall accidents. Whether you’re a home or business owner responsible for sustaining the pathways on your property, it’s important to find a sidewalk repair contractor sooner rather than later. With NSquare, the sidewalk repair process is surprisingly easy–we can fix uneven walkways without having to replace the concrete slab, all with fewer cost, disruption, and downtime.

Sunken Concrete Sidewalk Before
Sunken Concrete Sidewalk After
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Why Should You Repair Uneven Sidewalks? 

Besides the fact that uneven sidewalks can be an annoyance for you and your guests, there are two main reasons why it’s smart to repair sidewalks as soon as you’re aware they’re a tripping hazard. 

ADA Compliance

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defined a trip hazard as “any vertical change of ¼ of an inch or more at a joint or crack.” The ADA is a civil rights law passed to protect those with disabilities, and it sets the standards for what is considered accessible. The ADA impacts more than just construction–websites, employment, public transportation, and more are all subject to ADA compliance. To communicate that people of all abilities are welcomed and to avoid potential lawsuits, it’s in your best interest to make sure that your sidewalks meet standards. 

Avoid Costly Litigation

If a person with disabilities claims that your walkways are not ADA compliant, they can file a lawsuit. Yet, that’s not the only opportunity for you to see costly litigation with an uneven sidewalk. Anyone could experience significant injuries after tripping on an unlevel path, and it’s not safe to assume that you will escape without legal ramifications. Sidewalk repair can save you more time and money in the future than you think, and NSquare provides remarkably quick and easy solutions!

What Causes Uneven Sidewalks?   

The term “uneven sidewalk” can take on a lot of different meanings. Every concrete repair contractor knows that concrete is either cracked or cracking. Though your mind might immediately go to a large sidewalk crack, sunken or raised slabs, deteriorating pavement, and potholes can all contribute to unlevel pathways. Understanding the cause of your cracked or uneven concrete can help you find the best sidewalk repair solution for your home or business. The following things are the most common causes of sidewalk damage:

  • Extreme Weather Changes: Though southern Florida doesn’t experience the freeze-thaw cycle like northern states, drastic weather changes can contribute to the expansion and contraction patterns that force concrete to crack.
  • Lazy Construction: Unfortunately, poor construction practices can cause concrete to crack and become uneven more readily. If the cement mixture is incorrectly blended, the concrete inadequately cured, or the soil not prepared, the sidewalk will become uneven.
  • Soil Movement and Settlement: For being the material we build upon, soil is notoriously unstable and unreliable. Compact, dense soil is preferred for all types of construction, including sidewalks. However, if the soil is not properly compressed before pouring the concrete, or if the soil is washed out or settles due to weather conditions, it can create voids and weak areas beneath the concrete. When the ground fails to support the weight above, your sidewalk can sink and crack.   
  • When the ground beneath your sidewalk moves, the concrete can sink into weaker, less dense sections of soil. 
  • Burrowing Animals: Burrowing animals create areas of weakened support for the concrete above. Your sidewalk can sink into the voids that the creatures create in the soil.
  • Tree Roots: If your sidewalk is neighbors with tall trees, it’s likely large roots will grow beneath the slab. This will cause sections of the concrete to lift higher than others.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Stress with NSquare’s Sidewalk Repair Solution

Despite its appearance and safety concerns, you might be putting off sidewalk repair because of the cost and time commitment involved with traditional methods. Luckily, with NSquare’s patented technology, the concrete doesn’t have to be torn out and repoured to fix the problem. Our sidewalk repair solution can both raise sinking concrete and permanently prevent it from sinking in the future!

PolyLevel® for Sidewalk Leveling

With PolyLevel® concrete leveling, we can make your sidewalk level in just 15 minutes! The process fixes the problem at its source, meaning that not only will all trip hazards and cosmetic concerns be alleviated, but you also won’t have to worry about them happening again.

Before and After Concrete Sidewalk Leveling

Images below look familiar? The sidewalk in front of this home settled a couple of inches, creating a trip hazard and an area for water to pool. After raising the slab with PolyLevel®, we were able to turn the sunken sidewalk into a safe, level surface.

PolyLevel Sidewalk Repair Before


PolyLevel Sidewalk Repair After


How Does PolyLevel® Work?

Repairing concrete sidewalks with PolyLevel® is a quick, four-step process. First, small holes are strategically drilled into the concrete slab. Second, injection ports are installed in the holes. Then, the PolyLevel® polyurethane foam is injected through the ports to beneath the concrete to fill voids. As the polyurethane foam expands, it raises the slabs. Finally, the holes and control joints are sealed, your sidewalk repair is complete, and your solution is permanent!

To learn more about the PolyLevel® process, visit our concrete leveling PolyLevel® page!

Why is PolyLevel® Better than Other Concrete Leveling Methods? 

Concrete lifting with PolyLevel® is a practical, affordable solution for concrete sidewalk repair. Here are the top reasons why we prefer to use PolyLevel® over mudjacking and concrete replacement for sidewalk repair: 

  • More affordable compared to concrete replacement.
  • Done faster than replacement and mudjacking.
  • Less disruptive to the landscaping. If the concrete is ripped out and repoured, the surrounding area can be damaged by heavy equipment and the removal of the old slab. 
  • Almost no waiting for the concrete to cure before you can walk on it. With concrete replacement, it usually takes about a day for the concrete to cure.

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