Why Concrete Settles and Sinks in South Florida 

On the surface level, most concrete slabs may appear to be solid and sturdy. What most people don’t realize is the soils underneath those slabs may not be as supportive as they seem. 

Concrete relies on the soils below to support its weight and keep it level. When those soils are no longer supportive, it can cause the concrete slabs to sink. 

As a result, the sunken concrete creates an uneven surface and dangerous tripping hazard. If you notice any uneven concrete on your sidewalk, driveway, or patio, it’s likely that the soils below have become weak and can no longer support its weight. 

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Concrete Leveling

Soil washout can result in empty space beneath your concrete slab, unable to support it. This can lead to cracks and sinking over time.

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Common Reasons for Soil Erosion

Soil that is in its natural state and is untouched by construction or moisture changes tends to be the most compacted and supportive for concrete slabs. Once the soil has been interrupted, it loses its strength to support the heavy weight above it.

Moisture Changes in Soil

The moisture levels in soil can change from extreme weather conditions and cause the soil to expand and contract. 

When soil gets wet, it absorbs the water and expands in size. This expansion can cause the soil to shift and become displaced. The displacement and interruption of the soil from its natural state causes it to become weak and no longer support the weight above. 

As the soil gets washed away, this leaves voids under the slab. With nothing to support the weight of the concrete, the slab will begin to sink.

As the soil becomes dry, it also creates a problem because the dryness causes the soils to shrink and result in further displacement. The soil shrinkage creates voids underneath the slab and can cause it to sink or crack.

Concrete can also sink from soil washout, which can occur during heavy rains or from plumbing leaks. This can cause an influx of water to completely wash out the soil that is supporting the concrete.  

Look familiar? Soil washout is all too common in Florida, leaving concrete slabs and structures that are not properly filled susceptible to sinking and settling.

Poorly Compacted Fill Soil

During construction, the soil is disrupted and is not as sturdy and supportive as it was in its natural state. Once the construction is complete, the workers will fill the soil back in to cover any voids in the ground. 

The fill soil is usually not compacted as well and is too loose to support heavy weight, causing the soil to settle and the concrete slab to sink or crack. 

compacted soil

This hoof print in the mud shows how easily soil can compact and compress when bearing weight.

Void Fill

The same sidewalk from above is easily and permanently repaired with PolyLevel®!

Concrete Leveling with PolyLevel ®

PolyLevel® is a polyurethane foam that is injected into the ground and fills any voids underneath the concrete slab. The high-density foam expands as it is injected and lifts the sunken concrete back into place for permanent stability.

Benefits of PolyLevel®

There are many benefits of using PolyLevel® for your concrete leveling needs. Whether you have a sunken sidewalk, driveway, or patio, witness the power of PolyLevel® as it quickly lifts the concrete back into place. 

  • Other benefits of PolyLevel® include:
  • Affordable, permanent solution
  • Noninvasive installation
  • Quick curing time
  • Adjustable density 
  • Waterproof 
  • Eco-friendly 

Mudjacking is a more traditional method of leveling concrete but comes with some shortfalls compared to PolyLevel®. The texture of the slurry used in mudjacking is very rough, making it difficult to fill all of the voids. 

The slurry is also much heavier compared to PolyLevel®, which can potentially cause further sinking into the soils. Mudjacking is typically a short-term fix and requires more maintenance in the future, whereas PolyLevel® is a permanent fix.

Why Choose NSquare, Inc. for Sunken Concrete Repair

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