Crawl Space Cleaning for a Healthy, Dry Space

Crawl spaces are easy to forget about as most homeowners consider them “out of sight, out of mind.” Unfortunately, the health of your crawl space directly impacts the health of your home. 

Crawl space cleaning is an important initiative that homeowners should take in order to prevent bigger, more expensive issues in the future. Staying ahead of the problems will only make things easier and will prevent extensive damage to your home. 

At NSquare, Inc., we specialize in crawl space services of all types. Our crawl space cleaning can transform your crawl space into a dry, healthy, worry-free space! 

crawl space repair

Your crawl space has a big impact on how healthy and energy efficient the rest of your home will be. By getting your crawl space sealed, you provide a valuable upgrade for your home.

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Why Clean Your Crawl Space?

Just like any other area of your home, it is very important to keep a clean crawl space to avoid home damage or health-hazardous issues for you and your family. If you haven’t checked the health of your crawl space lately, it most likely needs some attention and repair. 

A neglected crawl space can wreak havoc over time and cause damage from moisture or structural issues. It can also disrupt the main living areas of your home and decrease your home’s value. In the end, cleaning your crawl space can be cheaper than not cleaning it!

No matter how big or small the issue may be, our team at NSquare, Inc. provides crawl space cleaning for all types of crawl spaces. Once it’s cleaned, you can count on a healthy space that will no longer be a threat to the rest of your home.

Impacts on Your Home

A common misunderstanding about crawl spaces is that they are contained areas that keep their problems to themselves. Unfortunately, there have been several studies that prove this to be wrong. 

The health of your crawl space has a big impact on the health and structural integrity of your home. If left neglected, you could run into air quality or structural issues in your home. 

As the mess in your crawl space sits for long periods of time, it can accumulate and eventually turn into mold, mildew, or moisture damage. This damage can weaken the floor joists in your crawl space and no longer support the weight of your floors above. 

As a result, you may notice sagging or uneven floors inside your home that can disrupt your daily life. Structural issues in your home are one of the many reasons that crawl space cleaning is important!

Impacts on Your Family

If you have a vented crawl space, you can count on about 50% of the air in your home coming from your crawl space. A dirty crawl space filled with excess dirt, mold, pests, etc. can easily contaminate the air.  

The stack effect is a phenomenon where the air inside your crawl space rises through the floorboards of your home and causes the air to infiltrate your main living areas. 

Anything in that air -- including mold spores, odors, and humidity -- is all brought up into your home.

As a result, you may notice an increase in musty odors in your home as well as increased allergic reactions from the contaminated air. Over time, this can take a toll on your family’s overall health. 

Crawl space cleaning will eliminate a significant source of allergens in your home, while also creating a healthier environment.  

Our Crawl Space Cleaning Services

No matter what shape your crawl space is in, our experts have seen it all and can transform any nasty crawl space into a clean, dry, healthy environment. 

We offer several different crawl space cleaning services to fit all your needs and repair your crawl space problems. Both water damage and structural damage can create unique problems in your crawl space, but we have unique solutions to combat these problems. 

We offer the following crawl space cleaning services:

  • Removal of debris & rotting materials: The first step is to clean out any excess dirt, debris, or rot that could impact the structural support of your crawl space. This is a very important step, as we do not want to simply cover up the initial source of the problem. 
  • Structural repair & reinforcement: Our team will inspect your crawl space for any damaged structures that may need repair. Before it is covered with insulation, we want to make sure your structure is safe and secure. 
  • Leveling of crawl space floors: Crawl space floors are often uneven surfaces and must be leveled before any insulation takes place. If any other products are installed, such as a dehumidifier, a level floor will help stabilize those products. 
  • Insulating & sealing the crawl space: Once all debris and compromised structures are taken care of, our team can seal and insulate your crawl space. 
  • Crawl space dehumidification: To keep your crawl space low-maintenance and keep the air constantly dry, we recommend installing a dehumidifier to avoid moisture issues. 
  • Crawl space access door replacement: If your crawl space door needs replaced, our team can install a high-quality door that will seal out extra air and moisture to protect your crawl space. 

Our crawl space experts can clean, seal, and insulate your space quickly. Typical jobs are usually between one and three days, depending on the size of the crawl space. 

Our crawl space liners are very thick, durable, puncture-proof liners that can withstand damage for many years. In the event that your liner needs any repair, we include a 25-year written warranty for durability.

Benefits of Insulating Your Crawl Space

Based on the way crawl spaces are designed, they are not well insulated on their own and make it difficult to control temperature. 

There are many different benefits that come with insulating your crawl space both inside and outside of your home. 

Insulating a crawl space, when done properly, is a great way to save energy. We recommend both sealing and insulating your crawl space to maximize the money you save. Aside from saving on energy bills, it also helps keep a neutral temperature inside your home. 

Seal First, Then Insulate

Before you insulate your crawl space, you must seal it to block off any cracks or holes in your crawl space walls. Installing insulation over cracked walls would be a wasted effort as air or moisture could still leak through. 

Sealing your crawl space will help prevent air leaks and protect the crawl space from moisture issues. It will also create a drier space and reduce conditions for mold, wood decay, and insects. 

A sealed crawl space will also reduce conditioning energy use by 15-18% annually. And that's just the savings from sealing the crawl space – add in the savings for insulating the space as well and you're saving a bundle on your utility bills!

Choosing Effective Crawl Space Insulation

When it comes to insulating your crawl space, there are a few different options available. Some traditional methods of insulation tend to not work as well as more modern methods, and our team is knowledgeable on each type to provide the best options for our customers.  

How do you know which option will be most effective? Leave it to the experts at NSquare, Inc. for a recommendation! We have performed extensive research on all of our products and know the best solutions to recommend for insulation. 

How to Properly Insulate A Crawl Space

At NSquare, Inc., we recommend sealing and insulating your home with our closed-cell SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Insulation installed on your crawl space walls.

SilverGlo™ will not soak up moisture the way fiberglass will, and it’s completely inorganic design will not support the growth of mold or rot.

This advanced insulation provides triple-duty performance by insulating and sealing the crawl space walls, while its reflective surface creates a radiant heat barrier that reflects heat back into your home. 

If you have leaking basement walls, it will be able to drain any wall leaks down below the vapor barrier or to a drainage channel. Once installed, SilverGlo™ Insulation provides industry-leading R-11 insulation!

Features of SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Insulation

At NSquare, Inc., we only use the top products in the industry. We trust in SilverGlo™ to provide the best possible insulation for our customers. Unlike traditional fiberglass, SilverGlo™ provides the following benefits:

  • 24% more effective than standard foam
  • Waterproof material
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Creates vapor barrier on walls

SilverGlo™ gives crawl space insulation a new standard with its unique features and benefits. Its rigid foam gives your home the ultimate protection while saving you energy costs. 

Insulating Crawl Space Floors

While your crawl space walls provide the maximum opportunity for saving money through crawl space insulation, it's a good idea to also insulate your crawl space floor as well. 

Since crawl spaces are located underground, your crawl space floors will retain a year-round temperature of about 55 °F. If left uninsulated, this can mean a lot of cold in your crawl space!

To insulate crawl space floors, we use TerraBlock™ Crawl Space Floor Insulation. Made from ¾" of closed-cell foam insulation, it includes a padded, puncture-resistant design that makes it appropriate for crawl-on access by service workers and homeowners alike.

Features of TerraBlock™ Insulation

It’s important for crawl spaces to also have an insulated floor to control temperatures. TerraBlock™ is one of the top products on the market, which is why we feel confident in offering it to our customers. 

Benefits of TerraBlock™ insulation include:

  • 3/4" Waterproof Foam Insulation
  • Resists Punctures & Tearing
  • Creates A Vapor Barrier On The Floor

TerraBlock™ is also fully compatible with our crawl space liner system and it can be easily integrated with our crawl space waterproofing systems as well. Combined with SilverGlo™ on your walls, it's a fantastic way to save money and enjoy a healthier, more valuable home!

mice crawl space

Rodents can enter a crawl space through vents and similar openings.

Once in your home, they will nest in the warm fiberglass insulation, finding plenty of food and moisture in the crawl space to live on.

A damp crawl space environment can also attract other pests, such as termites, carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles.

Reasons to Avoid Fiberglass Insulation in Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are wet and damp in nature, so it’s important to have a product that will repel water instead of soaking it up. 

Fiberglass soaks up moisture and humidity like a sponge and it makes a great nesting material for mice and rats. Wet, waterlogged fiberglass will become heavy, causing it to sag off your floor joists and end up on the floor. Wet fiberglass also loses its R-Value -- its ability to stop air flow.

Once it lands on your floor, fiberglass insulation becomes a useless, wet, moldy mess that will eventually need to be cleaned up.

Aside from the moisture issues, some fiberglass is not thick enough to completely block air leaks and can still allow some airflow and make it harder to control temperature.

Clean, Seal, & Insulate Your Crawl Space!

At NSquare, Inc., we can completely transform your crawl space with a complete, customized system. All of our products work seamlessly together to provide a complete protection system for your crawl space. 

Our crawl space liner, energy efficient dehumidifier, and other products create a healthier, more energy efficient space in homes throughout the South Florida area. Our services help prevent and control mold, rot, and mildew, as well as discourage rodent and insect infestations.

Sealing a crawl space also creates dry, usable space that looks great! As an added bonus for you, it also turns into a functional space that provides extra storage space. 

Crawl space cleaning is an important task that homeowners should consider to keep your crawl space low-maintenance and constantly clean and healthy. 

Why Choose NSquare, Inc. for Crawl Space Cleaning

At NSquare, Inc., our contractors can help you clean, seal and upgrade your crawl space - no matter how much of a mess it is!

For over 25 years, we’ve provided crawl space cleaning to many happy customers across Florida. 

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