Protect Your Crawl Space with a Moisture Barrier

Crawl spaces are susceptible to many different issues based on the way they are designed. Their tight space below your home doesn’t allow for much airflow, so the air can easily become contaminated and lead to an array of different crawl space issues. 

Moisture intrusion is a very common reason for most crawl space issues. The little air flow allows the moisture to build up into condensation and create extra humidity that can’t escape. 

If your crawl space is left neglected, that condensation and humidity can cause your wooden floor joists to become weak or even cause mold to grow. To prevent this damage in your crawl space, we recommend encapsulating it with a moisture barrier to protect it from water damage!   

Our CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

At NSquare, Inc., we perform a lot of research and testing to make sure we are only offering the best possible products to our customers. This is why we include the CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier into our product offerings. 

This vapor barrier is a very durable product that has proven time and time again to protect many crawl spaces across Florida from water damage.

Vapor Barrier Features

The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier comes with certain features that make it such a durable, reliable product. Installing this in your crawl space will give you peace of mind for a clean, healthy crawl space that requires little to no maintenance for you as a homeowner. 

Features of the CleanSpace® Vapor Barrier include:

  • A thick, durable, poly-reinforced liner 
  • Completely waterproof
  • Resists mold and mildew

Since mold is a common problem in crawl spaces, this vapor barrier includes a mold-resistant additive called "UltraFresh", which allows the liner to completely resist the ability for mold and mildew to grow. 

As a bonus, the vapor barrier comes with a 25-year warranty against rips and tears, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case your vapor barrier needs any repairs. 

crawl space sealing tips

Sealing Your Crawl Space...

  • Controls Mold & Rot
  • Save Money On Utilities
  • Keeps Away Pest/Insects
  • Seals Away Odors
  • Increased Comfort - No Drafty Floors
  • Increases Home Value
  • Additional Storage Space

Vapor Barrier Installation

Before the installation begins, we must take care of a few things first. Our team will go through and seal any crawl space vents to prevent humid air from entering your crawl space and becoming trapped underneath the liner. 

We will also inspect your crawl space for any current water damage or structural damage that would need to be taken care of before the vapor barrier is installed.   

Once your crawl space is in good shape, we can install the vapor barrier in your crawl space typically within one day. It is attached to your crawl space floor and walls with plastic pegs to provide complete protection against moisture intrusion. 

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Installing a crawl space vapor barrier provides many benefits from your home. Aside from protecting your crawl space from damage, it also provides benefits to the inside of your home as well. 

By installing a crawl space vapor barrier, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Avoid structural issues caused by water damage 
  • Create an inhospitable environment for unwanted bugs and pests 
  • Create better insulation in your crawl space to save on energy bills 
  • Avoid mold growth and musty odors that can contaminate the air inside your home
  • Gain extra storage space 

As a bonus, this vapor barrier also goes well with any of the other CleanSpace® system products. It can be used with drainage matting, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, etc. to give your crawl space a complete transformation. 

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