Keep musty odors outside of your home with crawl space maintenance

Noticing musty odors inside your home? This is a clear sign of mold or mildew issues. That musty smell comes from mildew that is caused from excess moisture or water damage in your crawl space. The air that circulates in your foundation can seep up into your home, resulting in a musty smell.

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stack effect in residential home

Air from your crawl space enters your home through the stack effect, which means the damp, humid air that enters your crawl space through vents and foundation walls will linger, worsen, and eventually escape through your home itself.

Keep Your Crawl Space Dry

A healthy crawl space is a moisture-free, odor-free, mold-free, and pest-free crawl space. Taking the necessary measures to keep it clean and dry will only save you headaches in the long run, so it’s best to keep up with crawl space maintenance now to avoid bigger issues in the future.

Depending on your situation, you may then also need to encapsulate your crawl space before finally sealing off any crawl space vents or doors to prevent moisture from coming through.

clean crawl space liner