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At NSquare, Inc., we recommend foundation push piers to stabilize foundations that are settling or sinking and showing symptoms such as cracked foundation walls and jamming doors and windows.

What Are Push Piers?

Push piers are made with heavy- duty steel and are connected to your foundation by a steel foundation bracket.

The piers are driven deep below your home in sections until the piers reach strong supporting soils. Steel brackets connect piers to the foundation, effectively transferring the weight of the structure to the deeper load-bearing soil.

Advantages Of Our System

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Can Be Installed Inside Or Outside The Foundation
  • Push Piers Reach Greater Depth Than Any Other Option Available
  • Installation Does Not Require Use Of Heavy Equipment
  • Can Lift Foundation Back To Original Position
  • Repair Not Visible After Installation Is Complete
  • Life-of-Structure Manufacturer’s Warranty

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We serve South Florida, including Sarasota, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades, Hendry, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. 

push pier

Push piers connect the house to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock potentially dozens of feet below the foundation. Soil with poor load-bearing capacity can give way under the weight of a house. To solve settlement problems, steel piers are “pushed”, or driven, until they reach more stable soil.

A steel bracket connects each pier to the foundation to prevent foundation settlement. Brackets are often used along with hydraulic jacks to lift the structure back to original position.

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Installing Our Foundation Push Pier System

The Supportworks'™ Push Pier System permanently stabilizes foundations that are damaged by settlement. We provide free quotes for all foundation repairs. We can customize a system that is ideal for your foundation and soil conditions.

Our warrantied solution can be installed on your foundation in four simple steps:

Why Our Push Piers Are The Best

The Supportworks Push Pier System that we use here at NSquare, Inc. features a patent-pending external sleeve which strengthens the pier system directly below the bracket – the most critical location.

The external sleeve strengthens piers during installation as well, which prevents the kinking, buckling, and rotating that is commonly seen during the installation of other push pier systems.


The Supportworks push pier system is engineered to handle the heaviest structural loads. As the weight bears down on the foundation bracket, the bracket exerts great pressure on the pier directly beneath the bracket. This is the most critical point of stress on a foundation push pier system, where extra strength in the pier helps the most. Our push pier system includes a steel sleeve that extends from the bottom of the bracket, reinforcing the pier at this critical point.

A Word of Warning:

Beware of contractors who tout the strength and capacity of their system’s bracket. The bracket is only one piece of the puzzle!

Because push piers are installed adjacent to a foundation footing and not directly underneath, the weight instead bears directly down on the bracket, and the pressure is then transferred to the pier itself. Engineers call this effect eccentricity.

Because of this eccentricity, all pier systems see the greatest level of bending stress directly below the bottom of the bracket.

Installing a steel sleeve on the pier directly below the bracket is a cost-effective way to effectively strengthen your entire pier system.

Certified Supportworks Push Pier Installers In South Florida

As Southern Florida’s exclusive certified Supportworks dealer, we offer professional installations of push pier systems for structures that are experiencing damage from settlement or sinking, and each of our piering solutions are nationally-backed by lifetime, transferable warranties.

We provide free, written push pier installation quotes. If you would like to schedule your free on-site inspection, professional consultation, and written system design, call or e-mail us today!

Our service area includes South Florida, including Sarasota, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades, Hendry, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. 

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