Foundation Repair Solutions

Finding out that you have a foundation problem can be pretty unnerving. Your foundation is the most important component of your home—everything in it ultimately rests on its foundation. But you can rest assured that the vast majority of foundation problems can be repaired permanently. Which means, in most cases, you won’t have to replace your foundation.

NSquare tailors each foundation repair solution to your home’s unique needs. We do this based on a variety of factors, including your home’s foundation type (poured or block) and the composition of the soil underneath and around your home.

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Foundation Repair Solutions

Regardless of the exact cause and nature of your foundation issue, NSquare, Inc. has the products and expertise to solve it permanently and restore value to your home. Small foundation problems can lead to larger structural damage, both on the interior and exterior of your home and may be caused by foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil erosion from washout, drought, or some other opposing force. The fundamental thing to remember is, foundation problems don’t get better with time. That means they’ll never be less expensive to fix than they are today. 

Depending on your issue, we may use one or more of the following foundation repair solutions to address it:

SmartJack® Crawl Space Jack Posts

Floors over crawl space foundations sag due to many reasons, including weak or shifting floor joists supports and lumber deterioration due to mold and rot. Floor sagging is also associated with other issues, including sticking windows and doors, mold, musty odors, and cracked drywall.

The Supportworks SmartJack® System is designed to straighten and strengthen sagging floors over crawl space foundations. The SmartJack® System permanently lifts and stabilizes existing beams and floor joists by transferring the weight of the home to competent soils using a solid base of engineered fill rock. We also have other products that can eliminate crawl space moisture problems such as rot and corroded metal surfaces.


Slab Piers

When soils are unable to bear the load of the structure on top of it, that structure may sink downwards into the ground. This is true with foundations, concrete slabs, chimneys and many other structures.

Slab piers can stabilize concrete slab settlement by transferring the slab’s weight to strong, competent supporting soils at greater depth. Slab piers can effectively stabilize a settling concrete slab permanently – with little disruption to the home.

Push Piers

Like slab piers, push piers transfer weight to competent soils beneath the home. In this case, it is the weight of part or all of the foundation that is being transferred. Push piers are connected to the home via heavy-duty steel brackets, which transfer the structure’s weight to the pier sections and eventually to competent soils or bedrock.

In addition to stabilizing a sinking foundation, in many cases the foundation can actually be raised to its original level. Once the job is finished, the entire system is hidden below grade.

push pier system
Helical piers cross section

Helical Piers

Helical piers are like push piers in that they too transfer the weight of a home’s foundation to competent soil or bedrock. However, the piering sections are fitted with welded helical fins that are used to advance the piers into the soil like a screw going into a piece of wood. 

Push piers can also be used for lighter structures such as porches, stoops and chimneys and in new construction.

Pin Piles

Foundation piles, like piers, help stabilize your foundation by transferring its load to more competent soil. However, piles are best used in situations with lighter load requirements. Pin piles are easily installed in tight, constricted areas. This solution is cost-effective, requires little to no excavation, and doesn’t require heavy machinery. 

pin pile installed out
cellular concrete install

Cellular Concrete

Cellular concrete is a versatile material often used to replace unstable soil, fill voids and sinkholes, and serve as a backfill for retaining walls. It can solve a wide range of structural problems, and is often used to fill material around foundations. Not only does it provide improved drainage, it imposes less weight against foundation walls.

Foundation Repair vs. Foundation Replacement

If you have experienced a foundation issue, you may be tempted to consider replacing your entire foundation. But, you should know that we advise against this approach in almost all cases for the reasons outlined below.

Total Foundation Replacement

First, total foundation replacement is extremely disruptive and can be very costly. The soil around your entire home is excavated. Then the entire structure is jacked up and the foundation and slab floor are demolished and removed. Finally, the foundation is rebuilt, the home is lowered and the soil is replaced.

As you might imagine, this process can take many weeks or more to complete and can be extremely expensive. In some cases, it can even result in damage to your home’s interior walls and other features as the house, no longer stabilized by its foundation, flexes as it’s jacked up to allow for the replacement of its foundation.

Second, and perhaps more important, replacing your home’s foundation doesn’t address the reason it failed in the first place: poor soil. You will be spending time and money replacing something that could very well fail again in the future.

Foundation Repair

In virtually all cases, this is the option we recommend. Not only is it typically less costly than total foundation replacement, most solutions can be installed and completed in a matter of days, rather than weeks. Some can even be completed the same day.

But the main advantage of foundation repair is that the solutions that NSquare, Inc. uses to address the fundamental reason your home’s foundation failed. That’s because we use highly engineered steel push piering systems to reach load-bearing soils or bedrock, so your home is permanently stabilized.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

There is a third option when it comes to foundation issues: not repairing them. This can be tempting too. After all, many foundation problems take months or even decades to develop. An exterior wall crack may seem small and only grow a fraction of an inch each year. So, it can be easy to put it to the back of your mind and forget about it as you concentrate on what seem like more pressing issues.

Consider this, however: foundation problems don’t get better with time. And they will never be less expensive to repair than they are today. Foundation problems can also cause other issues elsewhere in the house.

Finally, there’s your home’s value. The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires foundation repair needs to be disclosed to potential home buyers. Many realtors say that they are forced to discount homes with foundation structural defects 10-20 percent to make a sale. What is your home worth in today's market? Now, imagine losing that much money from your home's value by not permanently fixing your foundation. In virtually every case, the cost of repairing your foundation will be a lot less than the amount you’ll be forced to discount your home to sell it.

Getting Started with Foundation Repair Solutions from NSquare

As we mentioned earlier, stabilizing and protecting your home’s foundation will never be less expensive than it is today, so it makes sense to get started fixing it right away. When you click or call for a free, no-obligation inspection, we will arrange a time that’s convenient for you to come out to your home and walk you through the cause of, solution to, and cost to repair your foundation problem. Our inspections are carried out by highly trained foundation experts, who will take the time to diagnose the problem thoroughly. The entire process can take up to two hours, so we ask that you make room on your calendar for our visit.

When we’re done, we’ll work with you to develop a solution that is uniquely tailored to your situation — one that fits both your schedule and budget. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly what caused the problem, exactly what it’ll take to fix it permanently and exactly how much it will cost.

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NSquare, Inc. wants to help you restore the value of your home through improved structural stability. We offer a wide variety of piering solutions that can address virtually any foundation problem.

The first step is to assess the problem. We offer free, no-obligation inspections by foundation experts who will take the time to explain the situation and the solution. By the time the inspection is complete, you’ll know exactly what is causing the problem, exactly what it will take to fix the problem and exactly what it will cost. 

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