Cellular Concrete

StableFILL™ Cellular Concrete is a lightweight material made by replacing the aggregate (gravel, crushed stone, etc.) used in standard concrete with air cells or voids. StableFILL can be used to replace unstable soil, fill voids and sinkholes, and serve as backfill for a retaining wall. Cellular concrete can solve a wide range of structural problems in both commercial and residential applications. Some of the residential uses of cellular concrete include:

  • Fill material around foundations.

When a foundation is excavated for structural repairs, cellular concrete is sometimes used as the backfill material rather than native soil. Because of its light weight and permeability, cellular concrete can provide improved drainage while imposing less weight against foundation walls.

  • Filling voids.

Cellular concrete is often the preferred material for filling voids beneath slabs and footings when these elements have to be raised by means of helical or push piers. The resulting voids are odd-shaped and difficult to access. Pumping cellular concrete into the void is a way to fill the space quickly and effectively.

  • Slab repairs.

Cellular concrete’s excellent flow characteristics make it useful as a skim-coating treatment over a deteriorated concrete slab floor. In this application, the concrete is typically pumped over the old floor. NSquare crews use screeds to distribute and level the material. This treatment results in a new floor surface that’s flat, level and long-wearing.

  • Underwater placement.

Cellular concrete can be useful to homeowners who live on the water and have docks or jetties that are being attacked by marine borers, shipworms or other aquatic pests. In these situations, cellular concrete can be used to encapsulate timber piles or retaining walls, creating a protective barrier.

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Fast & versatile. Cellular concrete is full of tiny air bubbles that make the material light but strong. It can be used for a wide variety of filling and repair tasks.

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StableFILL cellular concrete offers several advantages to the homeowner, including:

  • Density can be varied from 20-120lbs per cubic foot
  • Compressive strength can be adjusted from 20-3000psi
  • Lightweight and practically self-leveling
  • Can be installed quickly
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