Pin Pile installation in South Florida

Learn more about this quick, affordable solution to structural settlement and weak soil problems

Pin Piles are small-diameter steel piles, or piers, that can be very useful in preventing structural settlement that can occur in weak or compressible soil. Consisting of hollow galvanized steel pipe that is typically 3-4 inches in diameter, pin piles can be installed in tight quarters using a compact pneumatic hammer or a mini-excavator equipped with a hydraulic hammer.

The installation process for pin piles involves driving successive pile sections into the soil until the pile can’t be driven any further.

Pile sections can be joined to each other by field welding or using internal sleeved couplings. By driving each pile “to refusal,” the contractor ensures that the bottom of the pile is in contact with bedrock or solid, load-bearing soil.

Brackets or rebar can be used at the top of each pile. In a repair or “retrofit” application, a special foundation bracket can be installed to connect the top of the pile to the foundation, footing or pool wall.

When pin piles are used in new construction applications, steel reinforcement (rebar) can be inserted into holes that are drilled in the top of the pile, or a cap plate can be installed. In these applications, the piles are cast into the structural concrete of the new foundation and the weight of the structure is transferred to stable soil at a greater depth.

installing a pin pile with foundation repair

Pin piles can be used for new construction piles and foundation repairs using a retrofit bracket.

pin pile jackhammer
pin pile installed out

Structural settlement and weak soil don’t need to derail your construction project or trigger an extensive and expensive demolition and excavation process. Contact the foundation specialists at NSquare, Inc. for quick, affordable solutions using pin piles and other engineered foundation repair solutions.

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