Repair foundation drainage issues with NSquare, Inc.

To protect the integrity of your foundation and your crawl space, its important to have a proper drainage system for your foundation. As it rains, water pools up and collects around your foundation walls. If there isn’t a proper drainage system in place to channel the water away from your foundation, it could lead to issues over time.

How Do You Know If You Have a Drainage Problem?

Fortunately, several visual symptoms exist that may indicate your crawl space is suffering from foundation drainage issues:

  • Gushing gutters
  • Downspouts that dump water directly into your soil
  • Foundation cracks
  • Mildew or mold in the crawl space
  • Shifts in mulch

These are all signs of water being improperly channeled around the perimeter of your home, and it could be causing more serious issues with the structural integrity of your foundation.

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How to Fix Drainage Problems

At NSquare, Inc., we offer several different products and solutions to repair any drainage issues that may be affecting your foundation.

Our drainage products and services include:

drainage matting

Drainage Matting

Drainage Matting channels the water underneath your crawl space liner and directs it away from your foundation.


Sump Pump System

Your perimeter drainage is connected to one of our patented sump pump systems, which can funnel more than an Olympic-sized pool of water away from your home, to safety, every hour.

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