Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5
Our Overall Service

NSquare was able to secure the pool perimeter wall foundation from further settlement and raised the pool deck substantially. Helical piers were driven into the ground to support the wall and the system looked solid and well installed. There were a number of setbacks given the amount of pool and sprinkler piping in the vicinity of the piers. Broken pipes were either fixed by the company or contracted out for repair.

Call Representative

Discussions with Dave Cavicchia, Josh May, Sara Rieke, and Rebecca Hernandez were very professional and normally resulted in prompt responses. NSquare did its best in trying to accommodate my request for a speedy installation. Thank you.

Sales Process

The meeting with Mark Bohannon went well, and contract details and cost were appropriately discussed.

Our Installation Crew

The foreman and crew of 2 seemed knowledgeable about the pier system installation. They performed well and were very cordial. But I sensed that a rushed to complete the job or being somewhat careless may have lead to 3 broken pipes in one of the pier holes. The poly team of 2 came in on the last day and did what was expected. Josh May's presence on the job during the 3rd day and his quick response to correct issues helped expedite the process.

The Cleanup Process

The cleanup process was appropriately done by the crew.