Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Our Overall Service

While the work was excellent - that you put my client in a commercial contract instead of a residential for his home - and led him to believe that it was an inclusive price when in fact, you charged him for overage was not honest. Since this was a sales transaction - neither party was willing to pay this overage, both calling it a "rip-off" - it was left for the Realtors to pay. So I referred you business and it cost me money out of my pocket and both the buyer and the seller are unhappy.

Call Representative
Sales Process

Salesperson led my client to believe that the price given was for the completed job. As stated above my client and the buyer feel you were 'ripping them off' and refused to pay so the money came out of my and the other realtors pocket. Noone involved in this transactions including our brokers are happy with the outcome.

Our Installation Crew

These guys were respectful and very efficient and thorough. They left the property in very clean condition.

The Cleanup Process