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Residential Project Consulting

Chris Aliperti

Project Consultant

RESIDENCE: Cape Coral, FLHOBBIES: I enjoy football, golf, basketball and softball.

Work Experience

Originally from Tuscon, Arizona, Chris now resides in Cape Coral with his wife and daughter, Cindy and Paige. His interests include: football, golf, basketball and softball.

Chris is proud to have served in the United States Marine Corps and says, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Chris loves team sports and has been an Assistant Coach to a High School Varsity football team. His dedication to the players on the team and commitment to molding and teaching them (not just help them succeed in the sport), is what makes Chris a great role model and a man of true integrity.  In his spare time, Chris is an avid player of many sports and also enjoys home improvement projects.

Chris has over 19 years of experience, which has aided him in finding the most efficient ways to address a home’s needs. He is also an expert in crawl space encapsulation, and can explain the energy saving and green benefits of having your vented crawl space fixed.

He is an excellent trouble-shooter and can figure out how to get the job done! Chris likes meeting with homeowners and helping them solve their crawlspace, foundation and seawall problems. Thus, enabling them to maximize the usage of these areas of their homes. As a System Design Specialist, Chris inspects nearly 400 homes every year.