Meet Our

Residential Project Consulting

David Zammit

Project Consultant

RESIDENCE: Fort Myers, FLHOBBIES: I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and volunteering.

Work Experience

David currently resides in Fort Myers, FL where he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and volunteering. David is passionate about helping those who have experienced difficulties in their lives. Specifically, spending time with troubled veterans and individuals with disabilities is important to him.

David has been extensively trained on each service NSquare provides, and is a Certified Foundation Specialist through the Supportworks network. This is the largest and most experienced network of authorized foundation repair and concrete leveling contractors in North America. Through Supportworks, we have access to the research and advancements of a full staff of experts in construction, repair, geotechnical and structural engineering, manufacturing, training, foundation assessment and installation of repair products. Additionally, NSquare is the exclusive South Florida crawl space dealer for the Clean Space network.

Attentiveness, an understanding of individual customer needs, dependability, trustworthiness, honesty and transparency are qualities that David believes are important in providing an excellent customer experience.